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On the road to climate neutrality

Powering zero emission vehicles

March 31st | 9.00 am - 10.35 am CET

The Event

First part : POLITICO Spotlight

Second part : Expert panel

In order to align transport with the EU’s climate neutrality target, a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in this area will be required by 2050 (compared to 1990 levels) according to the Commission’s Fit for 55 Communication. Synchronising the roll-out of zero emission vehicles with the development of alternative fuels infrastructure and investment in new clean energy supplies is key to making this happen.

Shell1 and Mercedes-Benz have come together to help accelerate the transition to zero emission vehicles, working to develop electric cars and charging infrastructure in tandem, supported by innovative technological solutions to overcome barriers to adoption.

The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) will be an important part of this journey to roll-out electric charging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in line with demand. As the revision of AFIR is underway, the CEOs of both Shell and Mercedes-Benz will be joining EU policymakers to discuss how legislation can support and accelerate the transition to zero emission vehicles in the EU.

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1The companies in which Shell plc directly and indirectly owns investments are separate legal entities.


09.00-09.30 am CET: POLITICO Spotlight moderated by POLITICO’s Moderator – Keep on charging: the road to Paris goals

  • Presentation of the program by POLITICO’s moderator:
    • Hanne Cokeleare – reporter, POLITICO
  • Introductory remarks by Ben van Beurden – Shell plc CEO – and Ola Källenius – Mercedes-Benz CEO
  • Joint conversation including Q&A with:
      • Caroline Nagtegaal – MEP (Renew Europe, Netherlands), shadow rapporteur on the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation
      • Axel Volkery – Deputy Head, Unit B4, European Commission

09.30-09.40 am CET: Handover by POLITICO to Sonja van Renssen

09.40-10.30 am CET: Expert panel

  • Introductory remarks by Sonja van Renssen
  • Expert Panel discussion on the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation including Q&A all along the discussion with:
    • Ben van Beurden and Ola Källenius
    • Adina Vălean – EU Commissioner for Transport
    • Ismail Ertug – AFIR Rapporteur

10.30-10.35 am CET: Closing remarks by Sonja van Renssen


Adina Vălean
EU Commissioner for Transport
European Commission

Ismail Ertug
Member of S&D
European Parliament

Ben van Beurden
Shell plc

Ola Källenius

Caroline Nagtegaal
Renew Europe
Shadow rapporteur
Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation

Axel Volkery
Deputy Head
Unit B4
European Commission

Master of the Ceremony

Sonja van Renssen
Energy Monitor

Moderator of the POLITICO Spotlight

Hanne Cokeleare

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